£500 Wedding Photographer is here to help make picking a Photographer for your wedding day as simple and as affordable as possible. Our aim is to offer you a choice from a network of photographers from all over the UK.

Why use us ?
We take out the haggling over pricing. Our prices are set and the photographers on this site have agreed to abide by these prices. Because we’ve created a network of photographers it also means should your photographer fall sick or have an emergency there’s an entire community of photographers behind them ready to help take over.

Free Online Image Gallery
We offer all people using this website a free image gallery so you can see your photos. You just choose if you want your gallery public or password protected.

Simple Menu Pricing
We offer simple Menu Style Pricing, starting from £500. You simply pick and choose which services you want on top.

£500 – Basic Service per day

5 Hours cover with an expected 300 to 400 photos from the day. Photographs will be adjusted for improvements to light, clarity, colours and shadows but will not be edited to remove blemishes, acne, scars, etc.

Each Additional Hour – £75

Photoediting to reduce blemishes, acne, scars, etc – £200 per 100 images.

Editing individual photos to remove blemishes can be extremely time consuming. Imagine if it  took 10 minutes to edit a photo but your photographer had 300 photos to edit – that’s 50 hours of work on their part, more than a full time job for a week.

£200 – Second Photographer
Having a 2nd photographer at your wedding is extremely useful. Your main shooter can spend time with the Bride, whilst your 2nd photographer takes photos of the groom getting ready. They can also shoot from angles the main photographer cannot cover.

Each Additional Hour – £50

Social Media Ready Photos
In today’s world we all want to create the best impression for social media, in particular to share our special moments with friends and family that can’t be there on your special day. So we offer the option to have a certain number of photos ready for posting to your social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Istagram, etc within a set period of time.

Social Media Ready Wedding Photos (Within 48 Hours) – £100 for upto 20 Photos

Social Media Ready Wedding Photos (Within 24 Hours) – £200 for upto 20 Photos

Social Media Ready Wedding Photos (During The Event) – £300 for upto 50 Photos
Choosing this option means your photographer will be uploading a series of photos throughout the event that can be posted directly to your social media. Just give your photographer the details of your social media accounts before the wedding and they’ll take care of the uploads. (Please note this service depends on shooting in locations and conditions where WiFi / Cell Phone Service is Available)