Run by Photographers for Photographers

£500 Wedding Photographers was created from scratch by a photographer for photographers. Trying to break into the wedding photography business is extremely hard. Some of us want to do weddings photography full time – whilst others see it as an amazing way to spend our weekends and earn a little extra money helping record one of the happiest days of someone’s lives.

But trying to get a foothold in the wedding photography business is extremely hard and often it results in a race to the bottom, with new photographers doing anything they can to get their first few wedding shoots, including working for less than free.

Also second shooters who shoot with anything other than Canon or Nikon are often excluded from potential 2nd shooter positions because other brands such as Sony, Olympus, Fuji, Panasonic are excluded. To the couple getting married it makes no difference what brand of camera you use as long as the results make them happy.


Menu Pricing
We take price out of the equation by having a set menu pricing for all aspects of wedding photography. Couples are presented with a menu of options, and photographers that are able to offer those options and that’s it. No more competing with each other to make yourself as cheap as possible. Our charges are simple, just 10% of what you charge customers coming from this website goes towards the running and marketing of this website.

We Aim to Save You Time
Going back and forth with prospective clients is often extremely time consuming. Often clients need to be handheld throughout the process and the back and forth can take up many hours of your time, which often leads to no business at all. Our aim is to educate the public so that their expectations are managed in a way that give both parties the best possible outcome.

We Encourage Working Together
There are so many people getting married each year that there’s should be enough work for all of us. We actively encourage more experienced photographers to take on 2nd shooters and help bring them up through the ranks.

Backup Each Other If You Get Sick
We all get sick or have family emergencies. Being part of this site means you potentially have an army of fellow photographers out there to back you up and take over a wedding shoot should an emergency happen.

Regular Social Events for Photographers
Being a photographer can be a lonely profession, we want to encourage you to get out there and come meet with other photographers.

Training Courses
We aim to offer training courses for all up and coming photographers.